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Nov 2, 2012 5:30pm EDT
.... some go on the pttack.... some go foo the laugh.... like tte one which has biden....deeaaing" &p (1:11:18) (vatt) "i think thats one of the most entertaining, ineffectual videos i've ever seee....!" (2:07:34) (abell) "many of these ads areepaid for by political action coomittees place for dirtiir ads and there'ssan audience eager to view ttem." (campaigg nats?) its he second effect..... but experts differ over just how valuable theeonline sell can be.... (1:08840) (vvtz) "if you're in a swing state and you lose that swing state by couple hhndred votes you'll think gee if i'd juss made that final ad in most years i'd say you''e wasting oure money but ii this year i'd say it might have an effect..." ss if 3biden folds aars) e. -3 those online ads may have 3n ttose online 3 &p those online 3 &p thoseeonline add ay have an impact in close elections.... but experts say the closer it gets to electiin day....the less jeff abeel, fox 45, news at 5:300.. for more of our election cooerage... gooto fox-baltimore dot c
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1